This term may be defined in many ways by people who were taught various forms of religions. But, just look at the word, " WHORE" and " MONGERS". So, just COMPREHEND the word in this definition: those who live in the insane chase after things that they can not possess, whether physically or mentally.

This definition explains the way in which we are taught to live in the government system that controls most of the planet we are taught to call " EARTH". We are taught to grow up, be the smartest ( which we can't be), be the fastest ( which we can't be), and more of the " est" which we can't be. We can't be it, because we are only judged by those that decided to join in the event/contest/festivity that holds such a challenge. So, it never tells us if we are actually the greatest in what we are " deemed" to be interested in on a WORLD-WIDE perspective/truth; it's a chase of an illusion.....WHOREMONGER for fame, status, and acceptance.

The most powerful play of this word, " WHOREMONGER" is how it is separated to little compartments ( little holes that become big holes), but the endings of words with " ies":

Sexualities, tendencies, genealogies, and more " ies".

The most important to talk about, because it is the most influential one is SEXUALITIES; because they don't exist. And this will be kept short and sweet.

This government vessel named, " Brian Green", as a child was raped and molested at the government ages of 7-14. This rape/molestation being performed on him during what is known as government holidays and " deemed" special occasions. Brian was aware that this false form of touching would not effect his heart, but it would effect the vessel ( body) he was given; this he was sure of. So, he focused each time he was touched to tell the truth to an " adult". Which didn't help, because he learned quickly that many " adults" hid from the incident in their lives. Letting him realize that the word, " adult " was just a word, and it didn't refer to the definition of " they knew "; it was just a name to accept a judicial conquential responsibility created behind the name.

So, Brian focused on hard on whatever the body was learning and following, trying to make sure the actions were only repeated on or with other humans that were doing the same acts of a destructive manner. Trying to make sure he never influenced anyone younger than him, and never influencing those not already doing the act. He was partly aware that the government system planned for people to influence others in some form of perversion they labeled later " criminality " ( yes, Brian was realizing this at the government age of 14, and younger; as the chase of Santa Claus tipped him off).

By government age 12, Brian was introduced to the side of life called WHOREMONGERS, through the more popular names " gay, straight, bisexual, and other terms of alternate lifestylesssss " . In the book ( part 3) coming soon ( summer 2017), he will go further into what that all means. But please read the REMEDY below, because, OF COURSE, we are reading the ISSUES now. SO, by the government age of 12, mostly older men or older boys, and some older women/older girls introduced Brian to clubs, hang-outs, and buildings where people over government age of 25 were performing acts of various touching on each other. There were few in those places that were Brian's government age, and the few that were that looked older with facial hair; most were older. Brian also had facial hair. Making them " look" what was whatever was called the government labeled of " legal" ( which is all debatable). Brian's affliction from being molested and raped, like most afflictions from any abuse, brings a IDOL WORSHIP; some fixation.

Brian's fixation from the molestation and rape that happened to him between 7-15 years old was searching for comfort from what is known as " Mature or Older White men with facial hair, blue collar, workin men"; " bears" they call them. The fixation could POSSIBLY open slightly to very light Latinos that look white or Asians with facial hair. It was definitely not open to the ones that look latino ( dark with accents). The look had to be a classic 70s Tom Selleck, James Brolin, Micheal McDonald kind of look, and that was all. " And that is all" is said for a BIG REASON, and that is explained in the book coming out in 2017. The reason is spiritual and physical of that time that would make sense to anyone, who understand the psychological natures of this.

Anything else, Brian didn't even look at , and anyone can check his computer and iphone IP ADDRESS for that prove. It's all over the place, and he is too truthful to hide it. As he sees no point to hide it, because all things done with someone else is NOT A SECRET anymore.....it's only a secret if NOT told by the ones doing it!! That's done, and thanks MOM for great advice on the TRUTH of the word, " secret"; it doesn't exist. As far as women, Brian's affliction from being raped and molested brought him to have a IDOL WORSHIP and FIXATION for older LATIN women or " mixed breeds " of the 1970s/80s; not seen AT ALL TODAY ( Apollonia, Vanity, Selena) .....and in actuality both his idol worships and fixations from being raped and molested as a child, made him into men or women types that are not seen much today.

To be very clear, OLDER meant for Brian in his 20's, it meant 30 and up. Brian now at 44, it means NOTHING!! Only weak moments are on a computer, or at some flesh place one has to pay to get in that is LEGAL, and anything messed with, better have a mustache and beard or fit the woman criteria; mosty 35 and up ( which rarely happens). Brian says this so that all can comprehend his past history of why he wasn't doing what YOU ALL were doing in the entertainment business with the youth, but was doing it the way his fixation/idol worship worked; with the OLDER!! Everyone has their " thing" to work on or bare, and the systems make sure of that.

So, for the many of you young men and women that constantly try to get at Brian at events, studios, and more, just comprehend when it comes to men; he doesn't believe in it. And when it comes to women, it just wont happen for marriage. Because along with this fixation/idol worship, all relationships ended with talk of GOD or helping the world. Brian's heart is big, but not stupid, and Brian loves to help people TRULY; not just give them a dollar or a hug like most charities do......while the people stay poor. So, Brian prefers to stay in the marriage with GOD, music, and dance; it's FUNNNNNNNNN!!!


In these places, Brian would ask questions that most seemed to not ask while they were there. Brian was very open that he was molested, and attributed it to why his body was interested in doing some of the actions of the molestation with those who were molested like him. He was aware that this was similar to a person that is fed certain bad foods by family as a kid, and the body is not giving it up even when the mind wants to. Like drugs, like rumors, and more.....it was something taught by a system that could be un-taught with time. But Brian knew that in between un-teaching the body, this is where the government preys on people through the words " criminality/law/consequence " for these FORCED/LEARNED/TAUGHT actions. Never teaching them the issues of these actions, while teaching them to judge at young ages, so that they eventually JUDGE THEMSELVES for these hypnotic and repetitious taught acts. Only to believe later the first definition of the words, " blame/guilty".

Through Brian's openness and questions ( inquiries), he realized he did not meet ANYONE who was not molested in the " gay and bisexual life WHOREMONGER style". All he met said they were molested by a religious leader, family member, friend, stranger, etc.......and eventually, like Brian, were lead to some place where the actions were " deemed" normal. Then, like Brian, they tried to make some relationship out of the abnormality, and agreed with the comfortable new environment that taught them that all this abnormality of the touch as a child that the body now seeks is a " sexuality"; how false.

The " straight/heterosexual life WHOREMONGER style" was just as tricked. Tricked, because majority ( not all) Brian's friends that were straight, were also molested. But what was done to them is what is " deemed" normal/natural. They saw pornographic movies and pictures, or were touched by the opposite sex as minors. And this was considered okay, because it was in an " ADAM and EVE" sort of comprehension. But the trick is that ADAM and EVE were of one another, did not sleep around with many, and were punished for acts of WHOREMONGER living. The " straight life" through the WHOREMONGER comprehension, is that having sex with many is natural; spreading seed/being fruitful and multiplying. That's false in this day and age, after the physical CHRIST, and before. And we know that spiritually in an age that is spiritual following Judaism, Islam, and believers in GOD through Jesus Christ ( falsely called, " Christians" ), because that is what they were all against with stories of Sodom and Ghemorrhea and Golden Calf. Even when a man was to be able to marry many, HE WAS TO TAKE CARE OF ALL THEIR WOMEN AND CHILDREN ( or GOD stepped in and did that); AND WE DON'T SEE THAT TODAY!! So, as many that call themselves being " fruitful and multiplying ", and don't take care of the children as mother or father ( whoever is stays with the children); it's all false again.

Now, this can all be wrong, and GOD may have made people this way!!. But this page is not to challenge whether it's GOD's way or not. But this page is to make each reader search out their life and find out why they do what they do. Of course, we are all mentally molested by educations and the government system as babies. As babies, if we don't listen to the ways of the system, we face consequences. So, then " follow the heart ", which is actually what babies do. Even though it is not what the world means. In wordly matters those words mean " follow the heart under the constraints of the system that is created by the government or suffer consequences".

This page is talking more about physical and mental molestations that lead to sexual physical actions that were not even in the thoughts of our young minds, and has us believing that we are to live in a " life style" because of it. This page is to make everyone look at themselves........well, humans at least; very closely. This page is made to COMPREHEND that the beast ( devil and those that follow it) will always be what they are; whoremongers, chasers, and creators of temporary confusing illusions/stumblingblocks/fixations.

Bare in mind that this page is read by everyone; believers, non-believers. As well natural hearted, confused believers, and non-believers and unnaturally hearted. So quickly comprehend that these ISSUES/REMEDIES are going to be used against us humans/believers/natural people. Used against us by the beasts/unnatural/confused.

So, when we look at the REMEDY below, read thoroughly and slowly. These REMEDIES are made for us to ask ourselves and for us to ask and question one another on how to move forward.

The mark of a confused believer or non-believer unnaturally hearted, would be to answer in a lie to make themselves look what they falsely define as " good/righteous/holy". They also may answer in the TRUTH while continuing to do OPENLY unnatural things to influence the generation they are in and any generation around them to follow. Be careful. These ones will give a testimony without a REMEDY and make it sound like a universal truth to live in fear, despair, confusion, and turmoil through a universal false understanding of UNITY and IMPREFECTION.

The believer and non-believer who is naturally hearted, will be truthful and live these REMEDIES immediately. Living them in honesty when they are succeeding, and when they are having issues with the REMEDY. They will forgive those that gave them the issues, but have no fear in being before those people in order to make sure they will not perform the issues on others. These people will be courageous in testimonies WITH A REMEDY. These people will constantly work towards the original PERFECTION of the human body by living and speaking the REMEDIES to all issues, and do so through CLARITY, HONESTY, FORGIVENESS, COURAGE, CONFESSION, and a UNIVERSAL SEGREGATION OF LIVING IN LOVE, PEACE, UNITY, and OBEDIENCE to GOD ( or nature) of PERFECTION; living with, supporting, and gathering up those that live this way while living on this earth.

If anyone comes to me and tells me they have not been abused, raped, of molested in some sexual/abusive way.....still love you all because we are CREATED. But I will check you all through ways you party and hang out to make sure that's true. I will walk with you ( even for years) to make sure, because I'm confident of this fact that being a WHOREMONGER is from abuse and/or just the life of the devil and his angels in these bodies......but 100% so far, every WHOREMONGER told me they were abuses in some way as a child. Again, everyone I met so far!! Even those that started off saying they were born this way; until I touched their heart and found out more.

SO!! Comprehend that because GOD has brought me through these issues, that if anyone still living the WHOREMONGER life; I will rebuke satan out of you.....especially if we agree we were taped and molested as a child; or at some pint in life ( that's a demonic act in our lives that needs to be taken out). There is no judgement here, but just a recollection of past accounts in our lives to get to some clarity; which makes REMEDIES easier. There is never any hate, and only GOD is the judge, but as a LOVER OF CREATION and LOVER of GOD THROUGH YESHUA ( Jesus Christ), we are issued to help one another and walk with one another. Assisting one another through ISSUES that we have been ALLOWED to overcome and be that guide/example for people through these issues to get to the LOVING LIVING REMEDIES!! It is expected that people will not change over night, but it is expected we realize and verbally start to speak the TRUTH, while living the challenge of the message. If it's even one day less that we stop what we were TAUGHT and forced to do; we are living in the VICTORY!! Praise the LORD through YESHUA ( jesus Christ).

Please grab a pen and pad and answer.


Ask ourselves how we know about sex?





Were we ever told about it or forced to read about it before we had any interest?








Were we ever molested, meaning touched in ways in parts of our body ( genitals) by others when not asked and under the government age of 15; by anyone ( doesn't matter parent, family, friends, teachers, etc....)?





Once these questions are answered. Then let's dissect if we are repeating any of our acts with people we are in relationships with or even when we go to other places to be " involved" with people; whether it's of the right government age or not. What is important is to dissect the act taught to see that it's connected to the molestation/rape, and that it's not a " sexuality", it's just a whoremongering taught and needs to stop.

One love and book coming soon before 2018 to explain further, but start here to start to heal.

Grace and Peace to all