Readers, watchers of nature, and loving people)


It is obvious to us all that nature is an amazing wonder. Trees grow giving us air,

fruits, and energy. Plants give us vegetables, air, and energy. We have herbs, minerals,

and spices that give us nurtients, energy, and more.........we just have to study them, or

just test them ourselves. Anything in nature, has to be looked at as a drug; whether it is

" deemed" legal or " illegal" by the judicial system or not. We can not look at a system that

needs to run however it needs to run off of products they sell from nature in order for us

to believe that is " good " or " bad" for us. We have to see quickly with our eyes, ears, and

minds what is " good" or " bad" for us. No one pays the trees, plants, and earth that grows

all these things for free. Yet, we pay a system that charges us for these things that grow

without us. Realize this quick, and of course, still pay the taxes, and be wise how we now

do business, eat, and use this government system we are in.

Let's go all the way back in our lives, and remember when the dentist told us all as

children, " SUGAR IS BAD FOR THE TEETH". YET!!! What we weren't fully told, or did not

connect, is that TEETH are BONES!! So, now let's put that sentence to a full comprehension,

" SUGAR IS BAD FOR THE BONES"; that's all over the body. If the teeth rot, then of course the

bones rot inside that we don't see. Look at so many traditions and things we are taught that

bring this processed sugar into our lives. We have and are taught to participate in

celebrating holidays, giving rewards to children for " good systematic grades", calling a

child " good" in certain situations, and more.....most rewarded with some form of

sweets ( candy, cake, chocolate, etc.....).

Believe this sentence or not, but starch turns to acid, that turns to a processed sugar

in our bodies, and most slaves of any race were given either processed sugars, starches that

turn to those sugars in the body, or other left overs that had no nutritional value ( white rice,

potatoes, junk food, left over body parts, or actually fake ( hybridic) science created fruits,

nuts, and vegetables). The body can not fully digest what is not natural. If this is not believed,

then try a CLEANSING of just 7 days of just water, tea, and natural juices ( vegetable and

fruit), and see what comes out of the body.

If we truly love each other, children, families, and loved ones. Do not just believe

this brochure, but TRY IT!! Try the cleansing. Before trying it, hold a weekend CLEANSING, just

FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY of not eating. Just having water, juices, and

teas ( no sugar added), and move on to eating only the fruits, vegetables, nuts ( no peanuts),

and teas in nature. Feel the difference and for more possibilities of what nature gave us to

eat, please look on the HEALTH corner on the website:, which


Then for greater ideas in health ( minerals, herbs, spices, almond milk, etc...), please

go to this website:, and also go to youtube and listen to the

speeches of this man on eating, diseases ( like diabetes, cancer, and more), and grow in

COMPREHENSION of the cures left to us here on earth to benefit from in nature.