AWAKE EVENT ( this is what was handed out in brochure form at the AWAKE EVENT on January 23, 2016......more to come).
Some of the CULTURES


HIP-HOP, like many dance styles, come from a CULTURE. Hip-hop is a culture, which

encompasses the " word" ( EMCEEING), the writing/language/art " Graffiti", the musicianship

" DJing", and the movement " DANCE" ( bboying/bgirling/party dance). Though this can be

broken down even further, these 4 elements mentioned is a MUST in order to

comprehend what Hip-hop culture is. Whether dancer, emcee, graff writer, or Dj. All in the

culture at any level can do these elements to some extent, at one time used to do them,

and should still be able to showcase some base of them. The use of these elements is a great

way to test those studios, teachers, choreographers, and agents/managers we send our

children/friend/loved ones/selves to in order to " supposedly" learn things from the

culture. ANY people involved in teaching anything from this culture, should know these

elements, as well as know how to see them, basically do them, and/or direct them to

people that do them.

It is known in popular dance schools that people need Ballet technique to do other

styles of dance. This is only true for dance styles that have Ballet Technique in them. Bring

anyone that does Ballet only, to any of the dance teachers or classes of people listed below

( and more people), and it will be seen how they can not do the styles they claim. All dance

styles are amazing and to be studied and watched. Yet, as a business, each style also has it's

own merit, own techniques ( if it's a true dance style), and a culture. These techniques,

cultures, and love makes each style a business all on it's own if studied seriously. Below

are SOME names in these styles that are prominent, and a great base for the masses to

have a STANDARD in which to look at these dance styles.


A NOTE THAT WILL BE REPEATED ON EVERY BROCHURE: As we are reading this paper, and other papers to come at every AWAKE EVENT ( before Brian and other dancers books release). We are realizing things in the WORLD that we have never realized. So, there is HEALING many must do in order to COMPREHEND how to unify with one another. As we are aware that people are IGNORANTLY separated by blocks, boroughs, cities, states, and other parts of the mass body called, " EARTH" that they live on. These "divisions" ( we know who does that), have people feel or think what was going on in their area, was the only thing that was happening; yet the music was being played on the AIRWAVES EVERYWHERE. So, when reading these descriptions, do not be dismayed or confused by use of words, like " Boogaloo", " Popping", " House", " Hip-hop Freestyle/Party Rock ( a mixing many things together yet keeping the original Rock from the jams we went to ), etc......look at how the words are used and how they are connecting.

For example, the word, " Boogaloo", means to some, " get down" or " dance". For some it is a party dance popularized by James Brown. Then there is also " Latin Bugalu", which is a diffrent dance. So, the popular word, "Boogaloo", just like " get down get funky", " funky", " get off", " break it down", " jack", " boogie", " get up and boogie", " the get down", " the re-run", and more......are words that mentioned just dance, that some people developed into names of a dance style. Which is fine, that's what cultures do when they love something.

Below are dance styles and people to know in them. Refer to Brian's website for more info on dance styles, dance teachers, and dance events.

CAMPBELLOCKING ( a.k.a. Locking): Creator: Don "Campbellock" Cambell

Popular known through the media by a man named, FRED " PENGUIN" BERRY, that the world of the 70s/80s called, " RE-RUN" from the popular TV 70s/80s TV SHOW called, " WHAT'S HAPPENING!!"( many memories huh!!). This dance started in the late 60s and soared throughout media and clubs through the 70s/80s and even was used by other dance styles. It is now a standpoint in street dance history and is world-wide.

Still today it is performed, used on tv and other media, judged in contests, used in choreography, and also taught as a base in street dance culture; even called a part of the Hip-hop experience. Even though it's origins are from the WEST COAST, not the east coast; which is where Hip-hop culture is from. Yet, this dance can be named in Hip-hop, because every child in the streets were definitely influenced by the group that did this dance style that will be mentioned below.

They were on Soul Train and numerous tv show, had an animated movie made after them, had a cartoon, a record made after them, they even were the only dance group to hand the envelope on the grammy's ( and danced up to hand it to Aretha Franklin). Read below the names to know and look them up on YOUTUBE:

THE CAMPBELLOCKERS ( a.k.a. " The Lockers): Don "Campbellock" Campbell, Flukey Luke, Shabbadoo, Fred " Penguin" Berry ( R.I.P.), Slim the Robot, Toni Basil, Greg " Campbellock " Jr.
( R.I.P.)


ELECTRIC BOOGALOO ( Known for " Popping, boogaloo, scarecrow, puppet, toyman styles): dance style created by Boogaloo Sam from Fresno, California. A hybridic form of dance starting in the 70s that became very popular under the name " popping", and then later false name " breakin" due to the media trying to capitalize off the growing dance from New York called " bboying". This term " bboying" was falsely labeled," breakdancing" by some interviews by young dancers in the streets of NY back in the 80s that were just under pressure in the media, and weren't clear on what to say on camera; as well as " coerced" to say and write certain words for what would be financial gain.

This is only mentioned to have people realize why today, some people may see Popping and say, " hey you breakdance" or they may say, " You doing the Re-run!!". Of course this is said by the masses that don't know much about the culture and dance styles, which should start to end after reading these papers and more to come.

To be clear, " Re-run" from the popular TV show of the 70s/80s called, " WHAT's HAPPENING??", his real name is Fred Berry. In the dance style called, " Campbellocking ( a.k.a. " Locking" ) above, his name is " FRED " PENGUIN" BERRY. Yes he was one of the ORIGINAL LOCKERS.

Reason why all this is said specifically for this dance style, is because it is one of the biggest street dance styles to hit the media that they still use largely everywhere. From the backslide ( falsely labeled the " moonwalk" ) with Micheal jackson, to the moves used by artists like Justin Timberlake, Usher, and so many more ( who were influenced by Micheal Jackson). This dance style touches the hearts of many when done.

Electronic Boogaloo Lockers created by Boogaloo Sam: Boogaloo Sam, Popping Pete, Ticking Will, Puppet Boozer, Robot Dane, Scarecrow Scalley, Creeping Sidney ( Sid), Twist-o-flex Don
Electric Boogaloos: Boogaloo Sam, Popping Pete, Suga Pop, Mr. Wiggles, and Skeeter Rabbit ( R.I.P.)
Go to youtube and just type in: Electric Boogaloos or Electric Boogaloo lockers and enjoy......also typing in the names of the group on youtube will show clips as well.

BBOYING/BGIRLING ( a.k.a. " Bboying/Breakin/Breakdance"):
Created by many in a culture of dancers from NY starting through a dance called ROCKING in
the late 60s till early 80s. Finally coming up under a culture that involved the dance
( Rocking/Bboying), word ( Emceeing), music ( DJ), and writing ( Graffiti), called, " HIP-HOP"
( the culture).

Frank Rojas, Willie Estrada, King Uprock, 7 GEMS, Rock Steady Crew, Float, New York City Breakers, Floor Lords, Full Circle, Honey Rockwell, Orko Romero
and many more......


HIP-HOP ( a.k.a. " Freestyle/Mix of Social Dances and various elements/Party Rock): Created by the scene of NY in the early 80s, that stemmed from the lineage of social dances given by the inspiration from the music through the people. The dance spread world-wide very fast through videos. Making the dancers more popular to the dance world than the actual artist; yet no one knew their names. So, in the late 80s, a specific group of people spread this dance around the world.

WIZE GUYS: Peter Paul, Buddha Stretch, Shannon " Which Way" Sha, Ramir, Henry Link, and Flex.

ELITE FORCE: Buddha Stretch, Henry Link, Loose Joint, Ejoe Wilson, Voodoo Ray, Brooklyn Terry, and Bobby Mileage.

MISFITS: Marquest, Peekaboo, and Rubberband with affialites Mark, Scanner, and Ray a.k.a. " Savior. *The main three Marquest, Peeakboo, and Rubberband were also a RAP GROUP!!*

Marjory " Larg Marj" Smarth, Brian " Footwork" Green, Raymond " Spex" Abbiw, Chris " Shaik" Mathis, Fendi, and many more................................


Wreckin Shop

Going through to the middle 90s, Hip-hop spread through other states who may have been doing it in the late 80s, but became more popular in the mid to late 90s throughout USA and SOME of them are the Harlem Shakerz, Cliff " Spen " Spencer, Poker, Tic-Toc Nervil, Bam Bam Valentine, Violeta Galagaranza, Kim Holmes, Swoop, Looney, Punch, Goofy, Flii, Tii, Supa Dave, Tweet Boogie, Lite Feet nation ( Cry Baby, Keenan " Silencer", E-Solo, and more), and many more........

HOUSE DANCE ( a.k.a. " Clubbing"): a dance style that emerged from a movement in NYC in the mid-80s called, " CLUBBING". This dance having many generations that have influenced it from Disco to Freestyle to Hip-hop; it became known through a group of Freestyle/Hip-hop dancers in NY in the late 80s....then spread through the world by these people.

Voodoo Ray, Ejoe Wilson, Peter Paul, Caleaf Sellers, Brian "Footwork" Green, Marjory " Large Marj" Smarth (R.I.P.), Sekou Williams, Joey Anderson, Justice, Brooklyn Terry, WORLD SOUL, DANCE FUSION, and there are many more.........

House of Tre



DETROIT JIT ( a.k.a. " The Jit"): a dance movement/culture coming out of Detroit, Michigan since the 70s and has evolved through till now. Created by the culture and pioneered through a group called the JITTERBUGS, and then developed through love of various music ( techno, ghetto tech, and electro) that developed/evolved the dance style!


and much more info......

CHICAGO JUKE/FOOTWORKING: A culture coming out of the love of music in Chicago; House music. Heavy footwork based dance style that has been growing in Chicago through a long history of dancing to various forms of House music since the early 80s.


Youtube channel:

and much more info.......


Bill" Bojangles" Robinson, Hal Leroy, Tip, Tap, and Toe, Nicholas Brothers, Fred Astaire, Buck and bubbles, Berry Brothers, Sandman, Sammy Davis Jr., Baby Lawrence, Eleanor Powell, Savion Glover, Andrew Nemr, Michelle Dorrance, Jared Grimes, Aaron Tolson, Calvin Booker, and many, many, many, many more......

Tap Legacy Foundation:
Andrew Nemr owner:

American Tap Dance Foundation

and many more........

AFRICAN DANCE: The foundation of where most movement started. As most movement starts with people of native/indigenous/tribal descent. This is not a dance style, this is a dance culture with tribes that have over 50 moves themselves. So, no one can just say that KNOW AFRICAN DANCE. We are in constant study of it. No one can learn all the AFrican dances in the world. We would need more than 3 lives for this.

and ( become a friend on their facebook).
and many more.......

Various latin dances in the African dance diaspora from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Columbia, Domenican Republic, and more......along with other street styles like, Swing, Lindy Hop, Hustle, Flexing, Mutating, Waacking/Punking, Voguing, San Jose Strutting/Popping, San Francisco Strutting/Filmore, Richmond Robotting, Oakland Boogaloo, Fusion, Memphis Jooking, Krumping, Turfing, Bopping, Atlanta Cranking, Booty Dance, Baltimore Footwork ( House), and other styles, that can't fit in this brochure email Brian at the bottom for questions, people, and videos on those styles.

Every AWAKE event or honestly after people see what this event has done. FOR SURE they will keep and give out this info and others. Make sure they can prove it through histories and video document!!! NEXT EVENT will have more brochures and information on the styles just listed in the above paragraph that this brochure did not have enough room to describe. Also, AGAIN, this brochure will help push other events to do the same.........THIS IS STARTING AN EMPIRE!!

Also, these styles will be in Brian "Footwork" Green's dance book coming in 2017. Be on the lookout by joining on Brian's email or on Brian's facebook. On facebook, it's Brian Footwork Green ( avatar is three holy books or a animated character looking similar to Brian).

For more information about other dance styles, teachers, choreographers, and trainers that truly do these dance styles, email Brian. Comprehend that all the above don't actually know each other, but are coming together quickly and are aware of one another through efforts of people similar to Brian " Footwork " Green and others in the community that are VERSATILE dancers/teachers. It is work to get people from many backgrounds together, but the WORD, tells us to GATHER A NEW NATION.

Believers, we are supposed to gather together and build our own businesses to support in this system. While in this world, just to keep a STANDARD, we can also support business of those who KEEP THE STANDARDS as well ( believers or not). Look at the above list of dancers to see that STANDARD. Look at the footwork, the floor moves, the GROOVE/FEEL of each style; along with the tricks. STUDY LONG and STUDY INTENSELY without any coaching from anyone. Just you, your children, and your loved ones/friends study these videos and documentaries mentioned in this brochure. This is the STANDARD in which to know what kind of teachers/schools we should be taking ourselves, our children and telling our friends and loved ones about.

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