The point of this brochure, is a message to believers to comprehend how we must

live through the WORD/SCRIPTURES, while living on this earth. We all ( believers and

non-believers), must work in this system that GOD created called, " NATURE". Also, we must

all work in this GOVERNMENT system, whether we like it or not; there's no choice in this

matter. Even the homeless have to work on the land, even though we are taught they are

" homeless". They still live in nature, and must hunt, search, and do many things for food.

Working in nature with faith in GOD is only issued through prayer, fasting, and treating one

another with love. We do this while having OBEDIENCE to the MOST HIGH through HIS

WORD/SCRIPTURES, as well as being obedient to the voice THE MOST HIGH puts in some of

our hearts and minds (as not everyone hears the VOICE of the LORD).

While we all must work in GOD's NATURE, we also must do work in or around this

GOVERNMENT system. This is a system we already know we must be watchful of. We must

be watchful that we are not doing work openly that can influence our children and any

children to ways that are incriminating to themselves, incriminating to the created laws of

this government system ( whether they change them at will or not), the laws of the

WORD/SCRIPTURES, and system of nature. Just look at this passage when we just think we are

okay to do anything around our children:

MATTHEW 18:6: But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Before reading, please grab a bible, pen, and paper. This brochure is a guide for us to

COMPREHEND how all who believe must come and learn to work in a STANDARD of faith, as

well as a STANDARD of work. In this brochure, TRUTH of dance styles and Hip-hop culture is

the work for us and our children's children to survive on this earth. YES! Many may say right

now while reading this, " Well, I am just giving it all to the LORD", and the " LORD will handle

it"!! Yes, this, is all true. BUT!! No matter how we are TAUGHT to say or see those words, WE


Due to lack of correct teaching, then faith, and then courage to follow the WORDS of

GOD through Yeshua ( Jesus christ). We are already in a position where we are working with

people who worship, follow, and believe in the devil or don't believe in anything and seek

destruction of nature and where we live. Yet, also, there are those that don't believe that

do seek productive ways of living here. After reading this brochure, we BELIEVERS will have

ways of seeing who they are, and how to be around them.

Just going to church/mosque/temple on a certain day and saying certain prayers may

protect us from the destructive non-believers and the lukewarm/weak and indecisive

believers who are carried with every doctrine, rumor, and word. BUT!! It doesn't stop us from

having to work with, or aroundthem. So, " Be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove" as

YESHUA says. From this statement, we must learn HOW to work around them, and not

working their work for them; which is what many " supposed" believers do ( ignorantly or


Most at this event, have picked up this brochure under the title it was under as a

BELIEVER; unless just curious. If a BELIEVER, then most are here at this event, because we

love GOD, dance, dance styles, Hip-hop culture, and other dance cultures. These things

mentioned that we love, give us and our children fun things to do, as well as job

opportunities to survive on earth. Many of us picking up this brochure, may not realize or

keep forgetting that the world we live in, is a world that is built off of idol worship and

controlling masses through the teaching of idol worship. That idol worship can easily be

broken through learning and teaching each other how to look at each other through the GIFTS

we have been given by the MOST HIGH!!

Dance, singing, acting, healing, and more are GIFTS. Not everyone has the same GIFTS

but many do have the same gifts. So, we must learn to mix our GIFTS to make businesses that

support our faith and ACTIONS OF FAITH in order to support our lives here on earth. We must

also, through prayer and fasting, discern when we do businesses for free to help others, and

when we do them for pay. When in working with any organizations, media, or major schools;

it's all PAY ( please contact the email at the bottom of the brochure to know prices in various


Currently, we are TAUGHT to do things. Taught to believe we must follow jobs made

by a government system in order to survive here, not realizing that we can make businesses

from our GIFTS. Those in these dance cultures and styles, known as, " STREET DANCES",

have a lineage that goes way back to the beginning of time. A time when people just moved

because they heard an instrument playing, copying an animal's movement, and/or to explain

something they want to celebrate ( weddings, births, life, and more).

Due to the GOVERNMENT system we are in, they have taken these natural reasons,

and learned how to make them into a business; but they haven't showed the people that

do them how to make their own businesses. For example, Hip-hop culture was created in

what is called and taught to us as, "poor neighborhoods". The name " hip-hop" now, is over a

billion dollar business. Why then are the places in NY where the culture comes from still

" poor"?? That means the culture didn't learn, wasn't TAUGHT, and/or wasn't TAUGHT WELL

ENOUGH on how to make a business out of what they have created. Many of us reading this

brochure have come from what is called " poor" states in the USA or know some people in

these systematicallly created areas that have created many dance styles. These dance styles

have been popularized in the media and other business places, without those that

created/innovating them receiving any benefits from it. With those people, thinking not

benefiting thinking it's okay to not benefit from what they have innovate/created. This

ignorance of not benefiting off of what a people create comes from fear TAUGHT to

them,ignorances TAUGHT to them, and mental blocks TAUGHT to us and our children for


This brochure will get all of us well on our way to COMPREHENDING how to be

believers that learn to work on this GOD-given land called, " EARTH"; as well as work in this

government made system. Parents and children, please grab a paper and pen, and take notes

on what is in this brochure and COMPREHEND what we are putting our children and ourselves

in that is NOT mentally and physically healthy, unified, and spiritually connected to our

faith. Let's see it, make note of it, and LIVE THE REMEDIES given and more that come through

prayer and fasting. PLEASE PRAY and FAST before reading further, so that the mind is clear,

and these messages and REMEDIES can be received and moved on.