INTEGRITY IN DANCE ( transfer this story to life how we see it).

PUNKING/WHACKING/WAACKING!! No matter how it is spelled, it is an undisputed history that Brian Green a.k.a. " Footwork", brought notice back to this dance style that was not being seen world-wide anymore. The few that did know how to do it were to worn out by the enterTRAINment business, moved on to other things, or died of AIDS.

To keep a long story short, when Brian corrected a " street jazz" choreographer's choreography that did the dance wrong, by doing the correct movement in the choreography; which came from Waacking. All of it started. But at the same time, Brian was also in conversation with other club dancers about the style prior to this; but this just catapulted it. Again, it gives no respect to that choreographer, because again, that person did not know the style.

What was funny was the fact that many people asked Brian to teach the style immediately, and his response was, " I don't know that style or the history that well, so I don't have the right to teach it....let me check with the originals that I know of in this style first!!". He did was he said, and each one said a complete, " NO" to his offer.

But being a KUNG-FU movie buff, he just used an old trick of doing the dance wrong to create attention. Attention that he KNEW would get the older or near originals to come down and see what he was doing. He knew they would want to correct him, and maybe even diss him......but he also knew, they would have to TEACH to do that. So it worked and the dance style is here.

THE INTEGRITY that he did, that NO ONE ELSE SEEMS to be doing is that he stepped back for almost 10 years after bringing the innovators and originals out. He took 10 years to watch them, take privates and classes with some of them; just to make sure he was sure of what he was seeing and wanting to do; as well as know the history. This is the INTEGRITY PART!! HE COULD HAVE EASILY TAUGHT THE DANCE WORLD-WIDE, since he was the first to bring it back. COULD HAVE EASILY TAUGHT IT and MADE NEAR A MILLION ( especially as popular as it is now).

Yet, he watched many of his students do that. 

And worse, he watched many students of youtube do that; which that is NO INTEGRITY AT ALL.

See, if we don't have INTEGRITY IN DANCE. And dance is an expression of parts of our lives, then how can we ever expect any CHANGES in life; when we can't even do it in DANCE!!

If the originals/innovators are still alive, and still doing dance styles that we all love. Then the first way of keeping a STANDARD of LOVE/CULTURE/TRUTH to hire them. If there are enough of them to fill the judges seat, then we get more of them and then we get students they agree are good enough to judge along with them ( for those that love to push the next generation).

IN Brian's life so far, he has given jobs in correct positions, to all age groups.....again, that's INTEGRITY IN DANCE!!