ISSUES/REMEDIES with LEADERS ( spiritual or political), PARENTS, and FRIENDS!!

    This page is a simple ISSUES with REMEDIES page to help clear the minds of the masses in Dance, and whoever comes across this page. This page is to look at how we are educated, taught to define things, how we are defined by this system, and how we need to look many times at the processes of many in a system in order to know how to guide ourselves and our children.

ISSUE 1: LEADERS ( spiritual or political):

    It will always be difficult to teach a child what is truth and a lie, if we start by teaching them or letting them be around truth and lies; even the simple things. Always remember that a hole starts small before it becomes big. So the small hole in life is fictional stories that are made to mask spiritual ones. Like Christmas being attached to the spiritual power house called Jesus Christ ( a.k.a. " Yeshua, Isa, Messeh, Son of GOD, etc...). This little lie, along with the eastern bunny, Thanksgiving, and more holidays, that are SUPPOSED to represent some spiritual celebration/recognition/unity; can become the biggest lie of our lives. This lie leading to the systematic definition of anger, depression, confusions, and so much more they define ( and only exists because we are TRAINED to believe the definition......and they get certain paid ones to act it out to have us believe it further).

    For example, Jesus Christ never said to worship him. He only said " follow me" , and always keep eyes on the FATHER. He never said to make a holiday for him, even though Paul suggested that we should celebrate a day up to the LORD with someone even though we know every day is up to the LORD. This is all great!! But the trick in the government holiday is that a fat man going through a chimney with presents, and handing out candy canes has nothing to do with the LORD. AND, him handing out presents that can't be served to all children, only the " good " ones ( let's define, " good"; there will be many answers); puts us into the word, " judgement". Having us immediately pay for bastardizing/going against the " written" spiritual law, " JUDGE THEE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED".  Lastly,  handing out candy canes, chocolates, and more on these days?? False, and extremely dangerous trick by the system/devil/devil's angels/evil people; whatever name to explain those that don't want to live here equally.........those against just working here to keep the earth and us going til physical transition ( a.k.a. " death"). 

    Truly OVERSTAND ( means to fully comprehend) this that is written. No matter what race we are, if we were slaves ( African, Latino, Asian, Native Indian, tribal peoples' etc....). Better look at the food we are given NOW, as compared to what our peoples' were originally eating. Most of the people named as a race in the brackets were on land first. They were eating anything that was growing out of nature that we are given by the UNKNOWN GOD. There was no starches, fast food, candy, white or any processed sugar, or any other junk food at that time. These products ( not foods) listed in the previous sentence are deemed by law, " legal
drugs". The trick behind these " legal drugs", is that their effect is just as " habitual " ( not addictive; because the spell can be broken through fasting and correct prayers of guidance). These " habitual" products turn
to a processed sugar in the body that is dangerous for us. The same sugar level that is created by what is deemed/created by the government called, " illegal" drugs ( cocaine, crack, forms of marijuana, heroine, and more.....).

      TRULY OVERSTAND that this is all big business. For example, the dentist gives you half the lie when we are children. We are told that sugar ( and they are referring to white sugar or processed sugar in candies, caked, and other " sweets"), is bad for our teeth. Then we sit there eating the " sweets", only stopping when we are kids when we have a tooth ache!! LOLOL!! And the doctor who gives us a physical usually gives us some kind of candy/treat/sweet to show how great of a kid we were to sit there for their tests on us. lolololo......Great trick, because the dentist never told us that the teeth are BONES. So, now transfer that statement he or she told us to the bigger picture, " sugar is bad for our BONES!!!!". Now start doing some adding up on what effect this sugar has. If it can rot the teeth, gums, nerves, and more.........what do you think it's doing to the skeletal system, nervous system, brain, muscles, and more??? ( diabetes, arthritis, cancers, clogged arteries, clogged nasal/throat passages, and more....).

     TRULY OVERSTAND that this big business is connected through education, fake religious buildings, judicial systems, and more that the infamous Jesus Christ ( a.k.a. " Yeshua/Isa/Messeh, etc.....) was against. Pick up the bibles and read ( whether believer or not) Luke 11:37-54 and Matthew 23:1-36 and see what he says to all of them who we still serve, support with our tax monies ( as we pay ALOT of taxes), and pass our children to. Connect how we must ID ourselves through the birth certificate; don't our parents know who we are? We shouldn't have to sign off for our children as proof they are ours to a government in order to live on land we can not out live.

     Then, of course, we sign the documents ( ignorantly or knowingly). So, now we have to live in the system put in place; which is why we really can't vote in or out anyone, and should not complain about anything politics/justice systems do. The, to make it worse, we are even better slaves/servants as we give our kids vaccinations and shots for "supposed" colds, bacteria, and diseases in " nature" that we need protection from. Now, this is truly a stupidity or fear on our ancestors ( or just plan of the MOST HIGH), because this one could have been thought our further. Let's realize that, if something was truly that dangerous to our health in nature, wouldn't all the animals and tribal people be dying of it then?? These are those little lies, that become BIG BUSINESS HOLES, because now if this is believed, we have to continuously " check " on our health with the people ( medicinal field ) that gave us these shots we " supposedly" need.

      Let's continue to connect. So, now the child is full of mucous building formulas and baby foods that cause the child sicknesses, along with the shots that the immune system is fighting. Remember that the immune system is the protection GOD built in us to deal with any poisons. We are taught in " education" that for a medicine to work, it must dumb down the immune system first. So, if it's dumbing our natural GOD given protection, then realize that it makes us DEPENDANT on a medicinal DRUG!!! DEPENDANT ON A DRUG ( regardless of the name legal or illegal). WAKE UP EVERYONE!!!!

      So, now the child is in school, being hypnotized ( which we are taught to call, " education"). Starting from Kindergarten, they are inducted into true " criminality" by hearing judgements of what is beautiful, ugly, average, good, bad, smart, stupid, and more through opinions and tests created by a government system. Those kids that follow the system and get the grades the system wants are given a reward; usually a smile, a crown, an applause, and CANDY/"sweets". Turning them into creative liars, drug dealers, and judges.......all of which is against nature, any form of spirituality, and humanity. This is our whole school/education that leads up to what we then are taught to believe we have, which is called, " choices". But, what " choice" can one make when they still don't have their mind. Because the above things mentioned are not a part of an IMPERFECTION, it's a part of taking us away from our PERFECTION created by THE MOST HIGH UNKNOWN GOD, in order for us to think we are not perfect and need some " assistance"; control. 


    Again, if nature is not dying from it, nor should we, because if anyone is human, then the body is made to deal with nature on EARTH. If not, then it's not an earthly human body. The vaccinations, medicines, junk food, sugars, and shots are made by those beings unnatural to this earth ( that Jesus was talking to), in order to make our human bodies seem like theirs. If they can make their way of life " seem" correct, and make us believe that we should not be in nature. Then we make them " devils" seem natural here. Let's stop now.


1. Train the children about education/health/spirtuality at home. It may be hard work, but be inspired by nature, as a mother animal will have the child on its back. Father animal looks for food and tills the land. Mom animal takes the baby every where and at times both parents and family are all together in packs. Do not fall prey to the system of believing that we are not equal because one is working a government job, and one is not. We are both working. Nurturing is SPIRITUAL work, and making money to keep a roof over the head is the PHYSICAL work; both are needed while we live here on earth.

2. On days off from work, pray and fast with the children, family, and friends ( even strangers at times). DO ALL THINGS WITH THEM THAT WE SAY WE WANT THEM TO DO. Do not make them feel they are below or above anything we say.

3. Be honest about this system we live in. Do not let them celebrate holidays, and have them fully prepared in any belief system to hand over a paper that expresses the spiritual reason of any belief book that shows why it's wrong or why it shouldn't be celebrated unless it's up to the MOST HIGH or in honor. If we have families that are not believers and know these holidays are wrong because they are saying lies, then just have the child know this; they don't have to express it. The trick the devil/destructive forces do, is have our children speak without being well equipped mentally. The devil knows information very well, and in speaking, can have the child or adult trip over their words and be coerced to believe, research, and be influenced to do things worse to him/herself.

4. Be honest about any past that was involved with anyone else that is still alive that can influence any destruction on family living.

5. Friends or family, when dealing with each other. Before assumptions on situations we can only see in our way. Talk first. Believe no rumors no matter how " close" we deem the person/people telling us. Bring all parties in front of each other to talk, or believe nothing and treat everyone with love we would want for ourselves.

  6. A leader, parent, friends, and strangers that is human and is a part of this government structure in any country, has a form of the ISSUES mentioned above. IF they are human, they SHOULD show some work towards the REMEDIES mentioned ( whether believer in GOD or not). If they do not show some work towards it? Pray for them and leave them alone. If they are doing their issues around children and influencing them to do it?? Do not teach the child to talk to them or accept them.....LEAVE THEM ALONE!! If they are doing their issues in the privacy of their home, with other adults, and we have to be nosey to find out?? These people are actually okay, unless they are parents of children. Again, as long as it doesn't involve children and influencing them in any sort of way ( or their parents).

7. Spend time praying and fasting for ourselves and others.